Not Enough Time Still? Part 3

     Ok, so as you can see by now there really is no way to make more time.  There is only time to slow down.  There comes a time when you realize how moments are more then precious.  The moments that you make time for; with the people you put first; will be the only memories you can take with you.  So you may want to make sure that the time spent was with whom you wanted and spent making good memories. Only then can you really manipulate your time to make room and make time for what matters.  So what matters to you?  That is the bigger question.  These are very big life questions.  The answers can alter your life completely when you start getting honest with your soul.  You may say to yourself that you already know all this, and it is true you do know this already.  The only thing is you are not living this truth unless you are living your passion and living by your own choices.
     For example, Richard Branson wakes up on his own island.  He has helped employ others by providing jobs on this island, as well as changed the airline industry with his standards, he even started his own record company in the very beginning of his career.   He always lived life from his own design.  Seek reading biographies on other successful people.  Have faith.  Take a chance on yourself.  Other amazing people I have read about is Mary Kay, George Foreman, Madonna, Prince, Simon Cowell, and the list goes on.  The point is these people are as human as you and me.  While some are talented and seem very special they all sought out their own greatness and to lead their lives on their own terms.   They followed what they loved and were passionate about in life.  They did not accept failure as an option.  They never stopped getting back up or trying.  Never give up on yourself.   You will succeed if you believe in yourself and find yourself to be happy.

     Even when what matters to you how can you make time if you need to work so much to afford big things like your mortgage, bills, etc??  That is the bigger question many seem to have issues with, because we all fear not being able to afford our lives by doing what we want to be happy.

     So are you happy not having time for the people that matter to you?   Are you happy not having time for your own self?    How long can you go on this way?  Are you happier by not doing what you want to do and when you want to do it?  What can you do to change that?  Can you make different choices?  Can someone help you and do more in your life to allow you time for yourself and others?  I want you to start asking yourself some of these really hard life questions.  Start making different choices.  Start finding the answers to the hard questions.  Nothing will ever change in your life until you make the choice to change it.  That is the hard answer you will find to every question you ask yourself.  Until you feel that answer in your bones, until you get so sick of being comfortable with the way things continue to be that it actually makes you uncomfortable to see how stagnant you have become in accepting this comfort factor, until you stir the pot, and until you admit to yourself how unhappy you really are.. how not ok you feel with missing another moment of time for what matters to you-- will you then and only then be motivated to change anything at all.

     Everything will change when you choose it to change.  Are you afraid to change it?  Are you actually afraid of being happy?  What is the worse that could happen if your were to be happy instead of unhappy?  If you were happy with not having time then fine you will live your life with no time for anything you want.  Then nothing will change.  But if that is unacceptable to you then change it buttertflies.  Transform your life with your choices.  Make time for yourself, for everyone that matters to you, and for everything you want to achieve, see, or attend.  If you need to find a new job or create one that you love to allow you for this to happen then so be it.  If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.  That is a fact.  Money will follow when you find passion in all that you do, because people believe you when they see your passion and zest for life and what you love.  Having love for oneself, for what you do, and for those around you is the ultimate goal.  You want to change the world then change yourself first.  Be the example for all to follow.  Change it and change it now.  Time will not wait for you.  It is moving even as you read this post.


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