Not Enough Time Still? Part 3

     Ok, so as you can see by now there really is no way to make more time.  There is only time to slow down.  There comes a time when you realize how moments are more then precious.  The moments that you make time for; with the people you put first; will be the only memories you can take with you.  So you may want to make sure that the time spent was with whom you wanted and spent making good memories. Only then can you really manipulate your time to make room and make time for what matters.  So what matters to you?  That is the bigger question.  These are very big life questions.  The answers can alter your life completely when you start getting honest with your soul.  You may say to yourself that you already know all this, and it is true you do know this already.  The only thing is you are not living this truth unless you are living your passion and living by your own choices.      For example, Richard Branson wakes up on his own island.  He has helped employ others by providing jo

Not Enough Time Part Deux

Wow, see the holidays got busy didn’t they.. Even I literally fell off the page.  Ok, I am back to tell you another way to make time seem to slow down, and give yourself the feeling of more time.  One thing I like to do is make lists.  Lists of what I need to do for the month which are absolutely a priority.  Then I scale it down to what can I get done which week.. then I make daily lists.  The daily lists will contain priorities as well as goals for myself like working out, meditation, reading a book perhaps.. things like that, but the priorities of the day must get done absolutely.  Now, something like working out may absolutely be a priority for that day if I have gone two whole days without working out as I will not go a third.  That is my signal that I am forgetting that I am a priority.  I may even take an extra step if I feel I have forgotten myself and treat myself to something like a pedi with my massage.  Mind you massages are priorities for me also, and not a treat.  In my l

Not Enough Time

Not Enough Time.. a song by the musical group INXS...the words play in my mind as December runs its course.  The holiday season may seem that it began as soon as the first leaf fell down from a tree.  I think this year they had holiday decorations up before we ever sat down to a dinner to give thanks.  I keep in mind as I write this that we all have different faiths and different beliefs so as to not offend or close a door to any one faith or belief.  Besides, this post is not about any doctrine or is about time.  Time is something we all have, and we all feel like we don't have enough of as the song implies...for all that I want.  Make time stop... How can we make time stop?  How can we create more time?  I struggle with this myself as I know we all do.  I cannot tell you the answer for yourself.  Hopefully, I can tell you my own ways to create balance in this chaotic season. While I enjoy spontaneous moments as much as anyone and maybe even more so; my life makes me s