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Not Enough Time Part Deux

Wow, see the holidays got busy didn’t they.. Even I literally fell off the page.  Ok, I am back to tell you another way to make time seem to slow down, and give yourself the feeling of more time.  One thing I like to do is make lists.  Lists of what I need to do for the month which are absolutely a priority.  Then I scale it down to what can I get done which week.. then I make daily lists.  The daily lists will contain priorities as well as goals for myself like working out, meditation, reading a book perhaps.. things like that, but the priorities of the day must get done absolutely.  Now, something like working out may absolutely be a priority for that day if I have gone two whole days without working out as I will not go a third.  That is my signal that I am forgetting that I am a priority.  I may even take an extra step if I feel I have forgotten myself and treat myself to something like a pedi with my massage.  Mind you massages are priorities for me also, and not a treat.  In my l