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Not Enough Time

Not Enough Time.. a song by the musical group INXS...the words play in my mind as December runs its course.  The holiday season may seem that it began as soon as the first leaf fell down from a tree.  I think this year they had holiday decorations up before we ever sat down to a dinner to give thanks.  I keep in mind as I write this that we all have different faiths and different beliefs so as to not offend or close a door to any one faith or belief.  Besides, this post is not about any doctrine or is about time.  Time is something we all have, and we all feel like we don't have enough of as the song implies...for all that I want.  Make time stop... How can we make time stop?  How can we create more time?  I struggle with this myself as I know we all do.  I cannot tell you the answer for yourself.  Hopefully, I can tell you my own ways to create balance in this chaotic season. While I enjoy spontaneous moments as much as anyone and maybe even more so; my life makes me s